out of the red coverOut of the Red and Into the Black, a stress-busting guide to managing your money.  

This book offers a simple, easy to follow approach to reducing the stress caused by money problems. There are ways to reduce debt, manage expenditure and save money. In addition, there is also a chapter on money beliefs and the relationship each of us has with money, together with techniques to boost personal confidence.

Have you ever noticed how each time we earn a bit more, our expenditure rises correspondingly?   This book offers a way to break this cycle, by changing our relationship with money, as well as offering a simple step by step method to reduce debt and curb excessive spending.

Out of the Red and Into the Black is available at and for Kindle but can be read on computers and other devices too.  Price 2.99


book cover 3Dinosaurs Eat Sprouts, a stress-busting guide to making fun, healthy food your kids will eat.

Are you looking for fun, inexpensive recipe ideas? Do you want to tempt your fussy eater? Or perhaps your mealtimes are turning into a battleground rather than a happy family event? We all want what is best for our children and it has been shown that eating well improves health, concentration and mood, yet despite all this, persuading them to eat healthy foods can sometimes be a challenge. The simple ideas in this book can transform mealtimes into a fun enjoyable experience for all the family to share. There is even a selection of ‘basic’ recipes for you to adapt and create new dishes of your own as well as tips on how to transform some of your favourite dishes into something the whole family will enjoy.

Whether you are looking for recipes, want to know more about nutrition, or just want ideas to help your children develop a more varied diet, this book has the answers. Divided into 3 sections you can find ideas to help incorporate more healthy food into your child’s meals, choose from a range of fun recipes or discover more about what constitutes a healthy diet.

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